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Raw Milk – Fresh from the Farm

Deliciously creamy.

No processing.  No food miles.

Come down to the Milk Barn located in Coston Hall farmyard

where you can buy fresh Raw Milk from our coin operated refrigerated vending machine.

£1.30 per litre or £2.50 for a two litre bottle.  Plastic bottles are free of charge. Re-usable glass bottles are £2 each.

Open 7am – 7pm, 7 days a week

Raw Milk

More and more people are discovering the great taste of unpasteurised milk (raw milk) and supporting their local dairy farm.

To enable us to be able to sell raw milk we are fully licensed by the Food Standards Agency. Our milk quality and hygiene standards will continue to be regularly tested and herd health is constantly under assessment.

To comply with legislation as our milk is unpasteurised, we are required to print on the bottles:  “This milk has not been heat treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health.”

It is our view that any risk is minimal so long as:

  • Raw milk is sourced from a reputable farm (which we are proud to consider our Farm to be)
  • The farm is regularly inspected for hygiene standards and milk quality (which we are)
  • The milk is coming from healthy mainly grass-fed cows (which our cows are)
  • After purchase you store the milk refrigerated below 4 degrees Celsius (this is where you come in!)
  • The milk is consumed within 4 days of purchase
However those who may be more at risk are:

  • Pregnant women
  • Those with a compromised immune system
  • The very young or the very elderly

After 24 hours from vending, the cream will start to rise to the top of the bottle, the bottle can be shaken before pouring to disperse the cream if preferred.

Raw Milk can be frozen for later use but room in the bottle must be allowed for expansion.

Glass Bottles – We provide reusable glass bottles which are available from the Milk Barn for £2. (We think milk tastes better from a glass bottle!) This is obviously a more environmentally friendly way of purchasing milk but it is important that when you re-use your bottle you clean and dry the bottle well before coming back for a re-fill!

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